I’m here to talk to you about this great app called featurepoints! (link to download http://featu.re/UVCO1N) I made a post about this months ago but I figured it’s time to update. So, basically you just try an app for 30 seconds that they sponsor and you get up to 450 points! It’s that simple and you can delete it after if you don’t want it. You can get any paid app you want for free, paypal money, and giftcards! (All countries, but some rewards change) so yeah it’s basically all that simple! I’ve been using this since November and have made a few hundred dollars total in amazon giftcards. How it works: download an app it suggests and play on it for 30 seconds and get points. And lastly refer people to try it and get bonus points if you want to make extra! (You get half the points they get when they download apps!) The points can be used for rewards. Some people make thousands (mostly tumblr famous people) and some like my boyfriend who has 30 followers made $20 a few days. So if you use it regularly you will make money even if you don’t refer anyone. I have bought stuff with paypal, giftcards, and I’ve downloaded apps that cost money with it and all are legit. I was nervous when I first tried it but a friend suggested it and I’m very happy she did :) message me off anon any questions you have and I’ll help! Use the code UVCO1N at signup for free points!

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